Specialized Systems

Connectivity and the IoT is everywhere and lighting is not an exception.
We develop solutions hand in hand with technological innovations,
implementing automated systems.


Communication protocol by means of wiring, which is characterized by allowing individual control of each luminaire in the system, managing to regulate or turn on the luminaires according to the presence, number of users, traffic, schedules and entry of external light.


Wireless mechanisms are a high trend in modern installations, in this scenario these protocols are the most consolidated for automation applications and are applied in lighting projects where you want to modernize without having to do new wiring.


It is the highest trending protocol to automate various systems, including lighting. It uses a single standard for multiple manufacturers, as well as being robust, scalable and applicable for small and large projects.


There are technological alternatives to automate lighting systems, such as: PoE, DMX, Wifi, Li-Fi and their use is determined according to the type of project.

Without the need for new wiring, today there are powerful wireless mechanisms to transform parks, squares,
transit routes and industries into small and large-scale Smart Cities.
These systems offer multiple advantages, including; breakdown management, reduction of energy consumption, performance evaluation, as well as support in citizen security and eco-environment.


The Radio Frequency signal is another communication alternative for lighting systems, which through a wireless network architecture allows the control and monitoring of the system.


The 3G signal allows the lighting equipment to communicate via mobile telephony, establishing the control centers that are required, controlling the entire system.

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